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Best SharePoint Hosting

Best SharePoint Hosting 2014 SharePoint hosting is designed for businesses and enterprises to have a portal, collaborative website or content management system over the Internet based on Microsoft SharePoint at the affordable price. As SharePoint is a well-known system resources killer, so far there is no crazy budget ASP.NET hosting company offering shared SharePoint web hosting service.

Instead, except going with expensive dedicated Windows server, we recommend you considering the following 3 Windows VPS hosting, after we reviewed a ton of Windows hosting solutions in past 4 years. These 3 plans have been truly tested by our technicians for hosting SharePoint. They're trust-worth, you won't go wrong with them.
Rank Hosting Provider RAM Storage Bandwidth Dedicated IPs Price (per month)
1 MyHosting 1GB 25GB 300GB 1 $41.54 Visit
2 Arvixe 1.5GB 40GB Unlimited 2 $60 Visit
3 Godaddy 2GB 30GB 1000GB 3 $40 Visit
(Top 3 SharePoint Web Hosting is Reviewed by on , rating from 4.5 to 4.8 of 5)

Best SharePoint Hosting - MyHosting VPS

MyHosting is a well-known international web hosting provider, and now has about a hundred thousands of VPS customers worldwide. This is best professional Windows VPS hosting designed for small business over the Internet in our review. It's pricing at $41.54/month, which is reasonable and affordable for both personal and small businesses.

The significant advantage of this plan is that MyHosting can help you install Windows SharePoint Server 3.0. You can directly start your portal, collaboration or content management platform after the server provision.

MyHosting provides 25GB disk space and 300GB monthly bandwidth by default. You can customize the VPS plan in checkout or ask for upgrade when you get the boundary. At last, the 30 days money back guarantee from MyHosting is backing of worry-free and risk-free on your money. To learn more, visit for more information.

Best SharePoint Hosting - Arvixe SharePoint VPS

Arvixe is a well-known and fast growing web hosting company in US. Arvixe Windows VPS includes 1 free domain and 2 dedicated IP addresses. It provides 1.5GB RAM, 40GB disk space and unlimited network bandwidth.

By leveraging the power of all DELL branded servers and hosted in The Planet data center, Arvixe VPS hosting is running about 160% faster than Godaddy in our performance tuning. This VPS hosting is designed generally, but Arvixe commits to help you set up everything based on your requirement mentioned on the order, including Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Today, Arvixe is offering a special coupon code TCWHVPS for 10% discount in checkout. The effective price starts at $54/month. To learn more, visit for more information.

Best SharePoint Hosting - Godaddy SharePoint VPS

Godaddy is well-known by the domain registration and SSL certificates. Godaddy doesn't have a good reputation on shared web hosting, but their VPS hosting is really affordable and competitive.

Godaddy Windows VPS hosting provides 2GB RAM, 30GB disk space and 1000GB monthly bandwidth. The price $40/month looks really attractive, although it's a bare Windows VPS plan that you shall take care of all installation by yourself including DNS service, IIS, .NET framework, SQL Server database, Microsoft SharePoint Server etc.

GoDaddy Windows VPS is recommended for hosting SharePoint server in the case that you have an expert who knows all the installation and configuration. To learn more, visit for more information.

Why They're the Best SharePoint Hosting

The SharePoint hosting are rated by following the 4 checkpoints as below.
  1. Hosting Server Features includes Windows OS, RAM, storage and bandwidth limitation mainly. The preferred Windows OS is Windows Server 2008 R2 and it's a plus if the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 WorkGroup or Web edition database can be provided. But generally the free SQL Server 2008 Express R2 is enough for a site with less than 10GB size data and up to 20 concurrent users. The allocated RAM is the key for running SharePoint site smoothly. The minimum required RAM allocated to your account is 768MB. If your SharePoint site is for managing files over the Internet, the monthly limited bandwidth is another checking point for SharePoint hosting. Besides, it's excellent if some number of free domain names and dedicated IPs are provided for free with the SharePoint hosting.
  2. Reliability is the key to evaluate the SharePoint hosting as it's mainly designed for business. All of the following recommended hosting are truly tested and monitored for more than 3 months by ourselves. All of them have the uptime over 99.9% really that they don't have any downtime for maintenance in business hours.
  3. Technical Support is easy to be ignored at most of time but it's quite important when you have a problem. Based on our testing, all of the following providers offer on time support on the SharePoint hosting via either live chat or toll-free telephone. And their technicians are well trained and have rich experience on Microsoft technology. They can help you from setup SharePoint site, recovering from disaster within half an hour, backup and answering your technical questions about their host responsively.
  4. Affordability is another key why you prefer to choosing SharePoint hosting but not a dedicated server directly. As most of dedicate Windows servers are priced more than $200/month, the following recommended SharePoint hosting are all around $50/month. These hosting plans are all designed to help you save the budget without cutting the performance and reliability for your business.