Best Web Hosting 2014After reviewed 50+ shared web hosts and received 1209 customer reviews in 2013, we named BlueHost as the best web hosting 2014 based on the editorial and customers' rating on the web hosting technology, features, performance, reliability, technical support and price.

Based on the IDC research in 2013, the 96% of the 50,000+ shared web hosting providers are startup and small businesses with less than 10 full-time employees. Their businesses are operated in renting the dedicated servers and reselling to the clients.

BlueHost is in the 4% - different to almost all the other small web hosts. BlueHost, established in 1996, now has 3 dedicated data centers invested with over 20,000,000 USD, 500+ full-time employees in the Provo Utah office, and 7,500+ web servers serving for 3 millions of customers globally. With the continuous huge investment and technology innovation, BlueHost is still fast growing with 20,000 new customers increased for every month today.

Customers' Rating

We received 101 BlueHost customer reviews in 2013, and so far we have received 666 BlueHost customer reviews since 2006. Based on the statistics, 99.7% of the customers voted positively to the overall hosting service, 99.7% of the customers voted positively to the web hosting reliability, 99.2% of the customers voted positively to the web hosting control panel (cPanel & SimpleScripts), and 99.4% of the customers voted positively to the technical support.

Rich Features

BlueHost has offered an unlimited shared web hosting plan named BlueHost Professional Hosting since 1996. The plan is rich featured and technology-friendly that it nearly supports all the latest technology and features based on the Linux platform.

BlueHost BlueHost Professional Web Hosting
  • 1 free domain name & unlimited parked domain names
  • FREE $100 Google AdWords credits
  • PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python (CGI), Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Shell (SSH) Access, SFTP, SSL, Email, Stats
  • Guaranteed - 99.9% uptime & ANYTIME money back
  • 24x7 100% US-based support via toll-free telephone, live chat and email.
  • Price: $3.95/mo, 44% off $6.95/mo, Claim the BlueHost promotion here.

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Data Center

BlueHost Data CenterBlueHost is the only shared web hosting provider that has invested 20+ millions of USD to build up the data centers by itself since 2010. The BlueHost data centers were built up with the following specifications:
  1. Totally 12,000 sequre ft in use
  2. 4.7 Megawatts of power available
  3. 100% outside air cooling technology for about 7.5 months per year (eco-friendly)
  4. 20488 U of total web server space
  5. 4x 750 KW UPS
  6. Up to 15 KW of power per cabinet with proper cooling
  7. 4 separate physical fibre lines with internet bandwith exceeding 150,000 MBits
With the managed and world-class data centers, BlueHost is one of a few shared web hosts, which guarantees 99.9% hosting uptime and implements it in the practice. This is the reason why BlueHost can provide another exclusive guarantee of ANYTIME money back.


BlueHost TechnologyBlueHost is also the only shared web hosting provider that has customized the Linux kernel named as "Hosting Resource Protection" technology for the optimized shared web hosting environment for the better reliability and performance.

BlueHost started the research and development in 2009, and first released this technology in 2010 by investing over a million of USD. The "Hosting Resource Protection" perfectly addresses the main concern of shared web hosting service that is out-of-control system resources, and it allows Bluehost that can guarantee CPU, memory and disk I/O resources for each user on each web server and significantly protect each server from heavy users. As introduced by the BlueHost founder Matt Heaton, "No longer can a single user, or a small group of users consume inordinate amount of resources causing your own site to fail to load or load slowly."

Customer Service

BlueHost Customer ServiceBlueHost has accumulated 16+ years experience on shared web hosting customer service, and now has a very solid customer service department with 400+ staffs for the customers' billing, sales and technical questions and problems.

BlueHost provides the unmatched 100% US-based customer support via toll-free telephone, live chat, e-mail, knowledgebase, FAQ, community and twitter. BlueHost guarantees that with the holding times average less than 30 seconds and 100% onsite staffs, it's assured that the customers are helped with the staff who knows how to help.


BlueHost is deserved for the award of best web hosting 2014 based on our editors' reviews and the customers' reviews. Particularly, BlueHost has been recommended as the best web hosting for WordPress by since 2007, and has been recommended as the best web hosting for Drupal by since 2009.

With the BlueHost exclusive ANYTIME money back guarantee, your purchase with BlueHost is worry-free and risk-free - totally guaranteed.

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