Python is an easy to get start, simple and effective object oriented programming language. Based on the elegant syntax, dynamic and interpreted feature, it's one of best languages for writing script, ad-hoc programming tasks and rapid application development in various kinds of areas on most of platforms such as Unix, Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

As a ton of notable features of Python, now many developers start to develop websites using Python purely from just writing scripts and add-ons. The most cumbersome and direct way to write a web page using Python could be in the following code snippet.
def main():
    print "Content-type: text/html"
    print "<html>"
    print "<head>"
    print "<title>Python Web Development</title>"
    print "</head>"
    print "<body>"
    print "<h2>The Python developed web page.</h2>"
    print "</body>"
    print "</html>"
if __name__ == "__main__":
The above code is about the basic CGI scripting. If you're looking for a direct replacement for the code to develop web pages, you probably think about CGI module which is a part of the Python standard library. Then you can consider about using urllib or urllib2 based on BaseHTTPServer or SimlpeHTTPServer which are also a part of Python standard library.

But it's recommended to using web frameworks for website development seems like anyone has chosen to suggest with "consider my favorite Python web framework". There are a dozen of frameworks available in Python that can help you relieve from most of the development work.


Django is a high level Python framework which makes it easier to write web applications quicker with less code. It encourages rapid development, clean and pragmatic design. It helps you build high performance, elegant websites easier. Django is consists of the major components as below.
  • O/R Mapping - it allows you to define the data model against the database in Python and it provides rich flexible and fast sets of APIs. And you can also write native SQL if needed. It likes Hibernate or NHibernate if you have experience in Java or .NET development.
  • Automatic admin interface - the terrific existing web UI in Django helps you manage the content online. It's production-ready that you don't need to write any code for the content management.
  • Url Rewrite - rewrite pretty, meaningful and SEO friendly URLs.
  • Template - Django develops the template programming language by itself for writing web pages quickly and easily. It's power, flexible and designer friendly. You can imagine PHP template, ASP.NET MVC ASPX/ASCX template or JSP template.
  • Cache - the cache system of Django is well designed in dispatcher pattern. You can easily integrate with the famous distributed caching system such as memcache for higher scalability and performance.
  • Globalization - Django also provides easy to use globalization mechanism which helps you for multiple-language international websites with more focus on translation but not coding.
For more information, Read Django framework and best Django hosting here.


It's based on the Zope3 designed to provide an easy to get started curve and better agile development experience. It emphaze on convention over configuration (COC) and don't repeat yourself (DRY). For more information about Grok, please visit its official website at Grok.


Pylnos is a lightweight framework focusing on flexibility and rapid web development. It's similar to Django providing O/R Mapping, template language, cache and well supported AJAX. For more information about Pylnos, please visit its official website at Pylnos.

And another factor on considering a right Python web framework to develop the website is web hosting. You should ensure the framework and the Python edition are both appropriately supported by most of web hosts so that you can have wide choice later. You don't need to worry about it that this kind of work is not complicated generally. Actually we had come out a top list of Python web hosting providers after reviewed over 50 web hosting companies. Read this Python hosting list by clicking here.

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