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Green Web Hosting
As the Internet usage is growing extremely fast worldwide, about 600% ~ 800% by every year, the total cost on the electricity to support the servers, routers and other infrastructure hardware was 3 billion USD in USA and 7 billion USD over the world in 2011. It’s estimated that if the energy consumption of web hosting keeps growing at so high speed, by the end of 2020, web hosting will become one of the biggest pollution and carbon output sources.

As more and more people are aware of environment protection, green web hosting comes out. Green web hosting is also called as eco-friendly web hosting whose providers use green energy as the power for equipment, save energy on cooling and air conditioning, or involve into tree planting plans.

Based on our review and investigation into more than 50 web hosts using green methods to deliver eco-friendly web hosting services, the following companies are recommended for their excellence over other competitors.
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Best Green Web Hosting 2015

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GreenGeeks powers the infrastructure by buying 300% wind energy credits. This is the reason why GreenGeeks is well-known as 300% green web hosting provider - by utilizing 1x power from the power grid and buying 3x of wind power filling back.

In addition, the company houses all servers in data centers which are designed to be eco-friendly, partners with EPA, and helps reduces the carbon footprint of other companies. If you're using the service from this company, you're authorized to place a green badge at your website.

GreenGeeks offers their green web hosting at $6.95/month with an exclusive 44% discount available for you going through this promotional link for $3.96/mo. Besides the eco-friendly tag, GreenGeeks has 2 exclusive highlights - free site migration and fantastic North American support.

Why Are They the Best Green Web Hosting?

Besides the outstanding performance in pricing, refund policy, web hosting features, reliability, speed and technical support, the web hosts listed above are recommended for utilizing some of the following green methods.

Buy Green Energy Credit
Green energy is started with using energy sources like solar panels, wind power, and hydro-electricity. These forms of energy are proven to be clean and eco-protected, but these solutions don't look budget for a web hosting company which sells green web hosting at only $5/mo.

In fact, web hosting goes green by buying green energy credits, but not directly producing green energy. The web hosting companies recommended here buy green energy credits, get green electricity produced by someone else, and fill into the power grid. This is the reason why some companies can claim that they're providing 100% green energy solutions, but they actually don't buy wind mill and solar panel by themselves.

Use Energy Efficient Facilities
The fact of web hosting energy consumption is that more than half of energy is wasted on cooling for computers and network equipment. Take an example. A new advanced technology for cooling is that it vents air out of building and brings fresh air in, and the traditional in-house air conditioners are turned on only when the outside temperature exceeds a predefined boundary. This can significantly reduce energy consumption for data center cooling in practice.

WebHostingHub is one of the web hosts using this technology. The company reduces the carbon emission by thousands of tons every year. Awesome!?

Participate Tree Planting
Another approach for web hosting companies to preserve the ecosystem is to participate tree planting plans to offer our earth with the natural resources. Many web hosts, including InMotion Hosting, GreenGeeks and WebHostingHub, make their honest commitment to plant trees. For example, InMotion has partnered with an organization named Trees For The Future to plant more than 5,000 trees.