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After reviewed hundreds of web hosts over the Internet, we come out a list of the best PHP hosting which are rated independently based on the support of the latest PHP versions, hosting features, reliability, and technical support.

To choose the best PHP hosting for yourself, we recommend you going with the best PHP hosting plans as below. You won't go wrong with these best PHP hosting providers that they have been fully tested by our PHP developers.
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Best PHP Hosting 2015

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2426 votes 4.90 of 5
BlueHost, a web host known as the largest shared hosting provider, has been focused on offering the best PHP hosting services since its inception. Coming with everything needed, BlueHost all-in-one PHP hosting package is an ideal choice highly recommended to readers demanding high quality web hosting services at low costs.

PHP hosting with BlueHost has been proved to be stable and fast. All of BlueHost servers are running PHP 5, fully supporting PHP of 5.2.x, 5.3.x and 5.4.x, the latest PHP versions that are able to keep websites running with cutting-edge technologies. Besides, BlueHost also provides Zend Optimizer to speed up PHP execution time.

BlueHost has a dedicated support team well-trained to response via live chat, phone and email within 30 seconds. Any problem occurring to the PHP websites will get a quick and professional solution. Going with BlueHost is totally a worry-free choice.

Why They're the Best PHP Hosting?

These 5 best PHP hosting providers are rated from the following particular 4 aspects:
  1. As the minor version of PHP is released monthly and the major version is released quarterly, we'd like to promote the web hosts which can keep the PHP version up to date. With this passion of the provider, you're more flexible to keep your website in high quality by the latest technology and the quick fix of PHP itself. At least, you don't need to worry when the hosting environment can support the new version of PHP which fixed a critical defect of your website.
  2. The main hosting features considered in our ranking are free domain, hosting domains, databases, email, control panel, application auto installer, full money back guaranteed period, and free advertising budget. The free advertising budget includes credits of Google AdWords, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing. They're quite valuable to bring the initial high quality traffic to your website for free.
  3. The reliability is the most important key for a shared web host. As there are hundreds of websites hosted on a server, the web hosts shall have strong technology and experience on controlling and balancing the resources used by each. The overusing resources or relaxed permission for hosting accounts is the source of broken security usually.
  4. There is no 100% uptime web hosting even your own dedicated servers. The fast response technical support of the web hosts determines how many traffics you will lose in each downtime by various kinds of reasons. The following best 5 PHP web hosts all have a strong technical support which are tested by us truly. Especially BlueHost has more than 400 support staff that guarantees with holding times that average less than 30 seconds, the customers are assured helping with the people knows how to help.

When You're Experiencing Slowness in Hosting PHP Sites?

PHP is a fast execution script, but there needs more optimization than only the coding. When we talk about the performance of a website, actually we don't talk about how fast your PHP scripts running. Basically, the performance is a set of tradeoffs between speed versus accuracy versus scalability, besides the appropriate configuration and hardware.

You cannot have any chances looking into the server in a shared web hosting environment. Typically, when you find the site loaded slowly, please check with the following bottlenecks,

The network should be the largest bottleneck. If the shared web server has 100 mega bytes of bandwidth to the Internet at maximum, it may handle 100 requests concurrently considering with the client cache as each page is about 2 mega bytes including image, flash, JS and CSS resources. It usually has more than 200 hosting accounts and more than 500 websites in a shared web host. The network is not enough for 100 concurrent requests generally.

When you feel that your website is running slow, we recommend you first trying the network in this way. You can upload a static HTML as the same size as the dynamic rendered content and try the performance of this static web page. If the performance looks the same slow, the problem is high possible on the network at your side or the server side. Then you can try to access the same web page from the different local network and devices to exclude the problem from your side.

For a complicated dynamic web page generated by PHP, the CPU is normally the major bottleneck. You can upload a plain HTML web page to the website as the same size as the dynamic one. Then test the performance on the page lodaing. If it loads significantly faster, it indicates that the poor performance is caused by the busy web server.

Shared Memory
The shared memory is used for storing resources and caching between multiple processes and threads. If insufficient shared memory is allocated to your hosting website, any requests to the resources relying on the shared memory perform extremely poorly, such as database connections, cache or CGI applications. You should know the average allocated memory for a hosting account is about 32MB - 64MB. In this case, adding output cache is a good option for the immediate optimization.

File System
The I/O of a hard disk is 100 times slower than the data from memory. The file system is also heavily fragmented and slow for concurrent operations. If your website frequently using some files stored on disks, it's better to cache them in the memory. However, you shall also balance the limited memory and the size of the files.

External Service Dependency
If your website depends on some external web services, it is high possible that the "design" is the biggest bottleneck in web hosting. The first reason is that the depended servers or the connections are the bottleneck as it requires stepping through many firewalls and network channels. The second reason is your website costs a lot of time to call the external services. That means the resources used by the thread or process cannot be released in time. As there are many websites hosted, it can heavily burden the web server.

To minimize the site bottlenecks and optimize site performance, it is better to choose a powerful and reliable PHP web hosting service. There are thousands of choices over the Internet, but only a few of them are qualified and trusted. This is the reason why we recommend the list of best PHP hosting companies above.